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Coming out to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival? Click here for Tips for seeing the show.

For most of 2007 I worked on creating black-and-white illustrations for Da Night Before Kris-Moose — a fun, Minnesota-inspired story written by my friend and fellow Renaissance Festival entertainer Terry Foy (aka Zilch the Torysteller) and literally penned ‘vit a Scandahoovian accent.’ The book is filled with references to lutefisk, snoose juice, moose feet, and Volkswagens. And although I’m not a caricature artist (as much as I wish I could be) those of you who know me and my family will recognize at least one of the characters in it. Unfortunately, because of publishing delays the book didn’t hit store shelves before Christmas, but it’s available NOW(!) and y’all can order it from me here. And, of course, the book will be available for sale at my shop at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, so visitors can pick up a copy there, meet the author (who makes a regular appearance in my shop), have it autographed by one or both of us, and save themselves any additional shipping & handling charges. How cool is that??

The colorbook and postcards are on the web site as well.

Also new in 2007: In a fit of uncharacteristic daring-do, I purchased a second shop in my Renaissance Festival neighborhood — Ken Reddie’s ‘Dragon’s Lair Waxworks’ — so in the event there’s a 2008 show season ‘Mayfaire’ will be in a new and bigger location, and my partner James (and his ‘Outa Torch Glasswerks’) will be in the current shop location (#448 by the Crown Stage). It will mean a trial separation, as the two of us haven’t worked apart at Fest in ages. I'm torn about the move but was ultimately forced into it by my own self. My product has outgrown the existing shop space, and James’s product needs more than the little corner I’ve alotted him up until now. Plus, we’re both Masters of the Realm now (the highest honor bestowed on Fest artists by their peers) and a Master needs his own space, right? And this will give both of us an opportunity to enlarge our product lines, so you can look forward to more new art from us in the future. (And James sez that if you visit the old shop looking for Mayfaire and can’t remember where it’s moved to, he’ll be happy to tell you its new location for a buck, because he has to make money somehow….)


The 2006 Prints are now on line, check out the Prints page and the new prints: Angel Wings, Juggle Bug, Flutter Bug, Giggle Bug, Lady Bug, The Mouse Guardian, Noddy Stockingstitch, Papa Bug, Kindle Bug, Ballet Bug, Celtic Believe, Dragon, Star Babies, Cloud Castle, Renaissance Alphabet, Karmen, Heather, Skye, Jade, Whispers, Secrets, Kiss, and Solace.
The 2005 Prints are now on line, check out the Prints page and the new prints: Believe, Broody Bug, Bunny Bug, Earth Laughs, Fairy Council, God’s Heart, Granny Bug, Hollyhock, and Magick.
The 2004 Prints are now on line, check out the Prints page and the new prints: Best Friends, Kaleidoscope, Stick Star, Tickle, and Wren.
The 2003 Prints are now on line, check out the Prints page and the new prints: Fairy Couple, Nanny Bug, Rose, Thorn, and Twig. We have also added a page showing our custom cut mats. The Meet the Artist page has also been updated.
The 2002 Prints are now on line, check out the Prints page and the new prints: Ponder and Spider Wreath.
The new 2001 Note Card designs have been added to the Note Cards page: Chickadee, Christmas Santa, Dragonfly, Solstice, and Wedding Watcher.

Also the 2001 Prints have been added to the Prints page: Babies, Big Castle, Boy Fairy, Centaur, Flower Fairy, Lolly Bug, Luna, Mom Bug, Solstice, Star Fairy, and Unicorn.

Meet the Artist, Techniques, and Shows pages now have pictures.

The Links, Hand-Colored Prints, and FAQs pages have also been updated.

Mayfaire’s website is online! Is this NOT the COOLEST website?? (James, you are a god!) And a thousand huzzahs and one enormous hug to Marilyn Griffis for being my first online customer!

Updated 08/21/2008

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